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How it works

You might think you can save little money by building your own website, but more often than not it will take you much longer than you thought for an average website and then price will rocket in year 2!!

Save yourself the hassle and the worry and get your website done properly, by the pro’s for a very small price.

Step 1

A short chat to determine what you are looking for and who your target customers are.

Step 2

We will design and build you a professional, fully optimised website that will be ready within around a week. 

Step 3

Support wont stop once your new website is live. We will continue to update and make unlimited changes for as long as you are a customer with no hidden charges. 

Website Prices

Our fee is designed to keep things affordable for a small business and allow them to maintain the running of a professional website without any extra bills or expensive surprises.

We Know What Works, and What Doesn’t.

You might save a little money using Wix or GoDaddy, but you will waste a lot of time creating an average website that probably wont rank on Google. These DIY websites are supported by call centre staff and not web designers.

The team at Top Trade Marketing are experienced at creating professionally built websites specifically for trades people, meaning you will get the best website and support for your needs. 

We will guide you through and take care of the whole website building process. After a short discovery meeting we will have gathered info info to write the content and build a stylish website which represents your services.

  •  Attention grabbing headlines which summarise your business.
  • Call To Actions making it easy for customers to reach out to you or find out more. 
  • USP’s (Unique Selling Points) that highlight the values of your business.
  • About Us which captures the history and values of your company.
  • Contact details and opening times so people know exactly what to do next.

Every business needs a website

An optimised and well maintained website will get you found for the services you offer.

Building your own website might save you a little money, but in the long run will be a waste of time as will quickly become outdated and not ranked on Google.

Our Latest Projects

We work with all types of trades people and small businesses including builders, roofers, joiners, handymen, painters, gardeners, cleaners, home improvements, window glaziers……

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Domestic Cleaners

Evana Roofing Website


Answers to Your Questions

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is how we get the right people and traffic to your website from search engines like Google.

We like to call it marketing science and its something we have learned and perfected over the last 20 years.

So many trades waste money on expensive quick fixes to drive traffic through Google Ads. We provide affordable solutions using a mixture of proven paid and unpaid techniques.

Why is it important to have a strong logo and unique brand?

There are many trades out there, so you need to stand out from the crowd. This can easily be done by creating a logo and brand that represents what you offer and who you want to target. It goes beyond just nice text and colours, that is why its good to get help from experienced marketers.

How will you do my social media better than me?

For a start we work from a plan which will ensure you get regular, relevant posts. We spend time researching your company, industry and customer base so we can create engaging content that will build a community where we can promote your services. 

We also know how much is too much on social media!


Why do I not just build a website myself?

This is a good option if you know what you are doing. There are plenty of ‘easy to use’ platforms out there that seem really cheap but before you start check out what the prices are for year 2, 3, 4 and so on. Once you build your website its not so easy to move it so these companies have you tied in and then start charging ridiculous prices, taking advantage of the inexperienced.

Our advice would be to pay a professional right from the start and your costs will even out. This saves you the stress of trying to setup your own website (they make it look easy right!) and you will have a fully SEO optimised website that attracts relevant customers. 

We have heard so many disaster stories, please don’t let your self built website be the next! 

I’ve got Facebook so why do I need a website?

The majority of customers will visit a website before using your service. The chances are there will be many others in your area offering a similar service and a professional website will make you standout and improve your credibility. Remember first impressions count!

A well designed website will help potential customers find out more about your services, reducing calls and time wasters. 


How else can I target people in my local area?

From experience we know that leaflets are still an excellent way for people find local trades. Regular advertising in Trade Pages will increase your visibility and make you stand out ahead of competitors in your area. Not everyone goes to Google first!



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